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August 18, 2018


Every Château in the Loire Valley has its own unique attraction – or – in the case of Langeais – attractions. Visitors go, in the main, to see where a secret marriage took place between Charles, the twenty-one year old King of France and Anne, the fourteen year old Duchess of Brittany. Like so many […]


June 24, 2018


Just down the road from Amboise Station, next door to Aldi, is a fine old factory with fine old gates. In the forecourt are fine old machines which, when built, were things of engineering beauty, with age are works of art.

Beauval Zoo (3-3) Mme Françoise Delord

September 14, 2017


Something very remarkable has happened since our last visit. On the 4th August 2017 Huan Huan became the proud mother of the first panda born in France. Bald, blind and very pink, he weighed in at just four ounces. His parents, who have been happily munching bamboo in Beauval for the last seven years, are […]

The Princess of Wales. How the Rose was Named.

September 1, 2017


In 1997, to raise funds, The British Lung Foundation asked Harkness to name a rose for its Patron, Diana, Princess of Wales. Called affectionately ‘The People’s Princess’ in Britain, Diana was a committed supporter. By attending fund raising events all over the UK, she helped the charity raise its profile. Since her divorce from the Prince of Wales, Diana was, technically, no longer Princess of Wales but as the rose was for a good cause, Buckingham Palace gave permission to use the title.

Beauval Zoo (2-3) Why We Must Not Shut The Zoo Gates.

July 16, 2017


In March 2017, the journalist Ian Birrell wrote a piece for the ‘i’ newspaper: Why We Must Shut the Zoo Gates. It’s his view, he’s entitled, but one he might change if he went to Beauval Zoo in France, a beautiful seventy acre park for animals which humans are allowed to share. Mr Birrell asked […]

Beauval Zoo (1-3)

July 13, 2017


Beauval Zoo, known simply as Beauval, takes a long time to see. A very long time. You can spend an hour or more at the entrance alone. The first thing that catches your eyes is a pink cloud. Watching the flamingos will take up your second half hour. The first will be taken up watching […]

Gare de Tours France

July 5, 2017


The Gare de Tours is quite simply wonderful. It was built between 1896 and 1898 during what is now known nostalgically as La Belle Époque, a time of peace and prosperity when France was the cultural centre of the world.