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The Courtauld and Tate Modern Galleries London

October 14, 2018


Why, Sir, you find no man, at all intellectual, who is willing to leave London. No, Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford. Dr. Johnson


October 6, 2018


The best part of writing a book is the research. It takes you on a journey of discovery to places you would never have heard of and therefore would never have seen. A good case in point is Romorantin in France. Researching for Leonardo da Vinci: The Amboise Connection I found out that once upon […]

La Chatelaine of Château Cingé

October 1, 2018


  We spent a magical afternoon in a privately owned Château. How cool is that? Like most things in Life, it came about through serendipity. First it was jump off the cliff time, moving from England to France, a decision taken, thank goodness, years before the Brexit fiasco. Then, one evening we went for a […]


September 8, 2018


We enjoyed an interesting day in Châtellerault on the river Vienne, a tributary of the mighty Loire, the longest river in France. It flows through Limoges, where we spent a wonderful Christmas and Chinon, one of our favourite towns, before joining the Loire.

The Duke of Windsor and Château Candé

September 2, 2018


Château Candé is one of the unexpected delights of the Loire Valley, especially for English tourists because this is where they lost their King to love. This is where Edward VIII married Wallis Simpson, the woman for whom he gave up everything, his Crown, his country, his family, his very identity of who he was […]

Two Faces of Sheffield

September 2, 2018


      On the one hand, the Council seems hell bent on selling the family silver viz; its heritage, on the other hand locals seem equally hell bent on preserving it. Take, for example, the art gallery. It’s in a lovely art deco library, the library the Council wanted to lease to a Chinese […]


August 18, 2018


Every Château in the Loire Valley has its own unique attraction – or – in the case of Langeais – attractions. Visitors go, in the main, to see where a secret marriage took place between Charles, the twenty-one year old King of France and Anne, the fourteen year old Duchess of Brittany. Like so many […]