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Aberystwyth: An Unexpected Pleasure.

Nov 18, 2018 by


Off to Aberystwyth to visit a relative, not seen for some time. Not fans of seaside towns, if we expected anything at all, we expected it to be dull, miserable, grey and wet. Instead it’s charming, uplifting, pretty, a lovely place to live. How wonderful when you find that your expectations were too low.

The Loire Valley: Vouvray

Nov 11, 2018 by


  Finally got round to visiting Vouvray, the Chenin Blanc capital of the world. Wines here are made from the white grape Chenin Blanc (also known also as Pineau de la Loire) and only from Chenin Blanc. I had been wanting to visit ever since I read about Monsieur Gaston Huet in Wine & War […]

Montrichard: Val de Loire

Nov 10, 2018 by


Looming over the town of MonTrichard (the T is sounded) is the impressive donjon which has dominated the countryside for miles around for the last thousand years. We assumed ‘donjon’ meant dungeon, a prison down in the bowels of the earth but no, the French use dungeon too. Donjon means the exact opposite, architecturally speaking. It’s what we call a Keep, a large tower built in fortified residences, a place of last resort should the rest of the castle fall.