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Nancy: France Fails To Work Its Charm

Nov 16, 2014 by


We arrive at Nancy station. Oh dear. ‘Heart’ Nancy posters, cards, key rings, the usual tat. Would rather make up my own mind, only just arrived. So American. So Un-French. The taxi is dirty. Does it reflect the city? Afraid so. Unkempt. Uncared for. Inelegant. Unloved. No gawping in estate agent windows here. And what’s […]


Nov 9, 2014 by


France failed to work its charm on this visit. Maybe it was because Alsace-Lorraine did not feel like France. It could be excused if it suffers something of an identity crisis because France and Germany fought over it many times.Strasbourg is French but to get the feel of France you have to go to an […]

The Day We Met Nigel Farage

Nov 8, 2014 by


With the world and his wife banging his door for an interview, we managed to blag one with Nigel Farage. Meeting him was a total fluke. We booked a holiday in Nancy, it’s in France, then found it does not have an international airport so had to fly to Strasbourg. We were hard pressed to […]