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Well. That was a surprise. Be fair. It’s not every day you see a bull’s hairball while out shopping.

Gawping at Hertford Museum’s window display of books on Hertfordshire, himself suggested we go in and ask if they sell mine.

First surprise. They do. Second surprise. Staff on Reception are extremely clued up concerning publishers and all things books.

Suitably gratified, my day having been made – the soul lifts when you meet intelligent people – you get to the stage when you wonder if there are any left. Where was I? Oh yes. It was then we spotted the hairball. Not that we haven’t seen a hairball before. We have. Maisie, our old moggie has a PhD in the art but this is the hairball of hairballs. It’s huge.

The museum also has: To die for doll’s houses – want one want one; the OTT Seal of Elizabeth I; a medal celebrating (sic) the accession of the ghastly George IV Britain’s most loathed king; a penny from the reign of his Dad, the saintly George III (found at Sele Farm); a waterproof basket (not a misprint); a handbag made out of some poor unsuspecting armadillo; a tiger’s skull (which seems unfeasibly large) and a newspaper from the 1700s when the name of the town was spelt properly. Hartford is, after all, so called after the ford where the hart drank.

If you haven’t been to the museum, do so. Before you go, mug up by visiting its wonderful website and take the 360 degree virtual tour. Mind you. To see THE HAIRBALL you have to get off your backside, it’s not part of the tour.

We hard boiled cynics were impressed. Let’s put it this way. Himself actually said he’s quite happy if that’s where his Council Tax is spent. Praise indeed. He went further. He also said this is how all museums should be.

As for me, the bonus is it has spotless loos and a delightful knot garden where you can take afternoon tea. Very civilised. All in all an uplifting, pleasant experience. And FREE!!!!

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